About Betsy

Betsy George has been practicing massage since 1997. She has a BA in Psychology from Bates College in Maine (1990) and is a graduate of the Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle (1997). She has been associated with Sunstone Massage since 2004.

She was first introduced to yoga and massage in 1988 while studying in Ireland. Today she works with a wide variety of clients including those who are recovering from injuries, managing chronic pain conditions or experiencing the tensions that result from the stresses and transitions of life.

Betsy is drawn to the wonder of the human body, intrigued with what it means to be well, move with ease and be energized. She loves the art and science of massage, believing that fostering the mind-body connection, cultivating body awareness, and learning ways to release tension and renew one’s energy are all fundamental elements of health care.

Betsy is fascinated by the effects of stress on the body and brain and its impact on the healing process and has taken specialized classes in this area. She believes that when our bodies feel balanced and nurtured we can be more joyfully present in our whole lives.

She uses a variety of techniques to listen to and work with the body. Swedish massage, deep tissue and myofascial work form the foundation. She also incorporates range of motion, therapeutic movement, specific muscle releases and Facilitated Stretching. Betsy is fascinated by the relationship between stress and pain and is a strong advocate for self-care and encourages this for her clients.

Come experience what skilled and attentive bodywork can do for you!